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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

(1) Why can’t you accept Paypal?

This is a question we are often asked at Designer Discreet and we would like to clear up any misconceptions about the payment methods we accept, and why we accept them.

First, if Paypal would allow us to use them as a payment processor we would love to accept Paypal as it would make running our business much easier. We know it is easy for our clients to use and secure. But unfortunately Paypal does not work with replica sellers. This is because brand name companies (e.g. Louis Vuitton, Celine etc.) will sue them and fine them for processing payments for replica products. As a result we cannot accept payments from Paypal. To make it clear – it is not because we do not want you to have a secure transaction, but it is because we are replica sellers and we are not allowed to use them.

Secondly, a similar issue occurs with credit card processors. They will also be fined if they process payments for replica products. This is why our payment methods are currently limited to: wire transfer, and Western Union. We know that these are not ideal payment methods and are always looking for better payment methods (including ways to accept credit cards) to offer our clients. We hope to make it clear that your comfort-ability & security as a valued customer concern us and we are always trying to make it more easy to shop with us. Read below to see what payment methods we do accept and how to pay with them.

(2) What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept bank wire transfer and transfer wise.

(3) How do I pay with wire transfer?

Please select the items you wish to purchase and put them in your shopping cart.

Proceed to checkout where you can select to pay with wire transfer.

Click “PLACE ORDER” to finalize your order.

Wire transfer remittance details will be provided once you place your order. You can use these details to send an international wire transfer via your bank. Please note our bank is located in China so you must make sure to send an international wire transfer not a domestic wire transfer.

You will need to provide your bank with the following information to send an international wire transfer:

1) Recipient bank name (the bank you’re sending money to).

2) Beneficiary name (the person who will receive the money).

3) Payee’s account number at the bank.

4) Swift Code (International bank code).

**Please Note: the purpose of remittance can ONLY select “Payment For Goods” or “purchasing goods” or “trade”. If there is no “payment for goods” option, please find if there is an option “other”, if yes, then choose it and write “payment for goods”, if this option is not available too, then please DO NOT select any other options. DO NOT fill in any information, and make sure NO any messages left.

International wire transfers take anywhere from several days to up to a week or so to receive. We will process your order once your payment is received in our account.


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